Get Help with this Sponsorship System

Title Sponsorship Bidding

To bid on the Title Sponsorship for an event, you must be a registered user.  Registration is easy and quick; it requires access to a valid email account.

Note that only one Title Sponsorship is available per event, and its price is set by the highest valid bid.

If you have registered and placed a bid, and you wish to retract your bid for any reason, please contact us at 817-284-1121.

Reserving Other Event Sponsorships

Reserving Event Sponsorships (other than the Title Sponsorship) is open to any AATC member.  Logging in and/or creating a registered user is not required.

Note that each Other Sponsorship has a limited number of slots available.  These are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  After all the available slots have been reserved, you may join the Waiting List for that type of sponsorship.